Feature Article of Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Columnist: Owura, Eduku Korora

These are some of the Gangantuan crimes...

You can all agree with me that, education has
been the spine of our nation’s development,
through socialization, by means of creating
awareness in uneducated persons, exploitation
in the id, ego, and super egoism, which
framework democracy in terms of civility,
dynamism and justification, and also
acquisition of skills, all embraced in
systematic approach to the tertiary level.

Deprivations or diversions to such
opportunities devastate the welfare of our
nation and individuals at large.
Everybody can bear with me or by
statistics that, most candidates who enter into
tertiary institutions or related; with lower
grades, sometimes, astoundingly, performs,
better than those with higher ones. It is real
and 100% true, and that if statistics is to be
correlated, it can be ascertained that, most
students who scores aggregate 6 into secondary
school or tertiary institutions declines to 15
or lesser and vice versa. This might be
outstanding to the one time assessment by WAEC,
which does not favour students at the
countenance of illness, but paves way for the “
aphor “. This also contradicts with Pavlov’s
law of learning, which constitutes, continual
participation, concentration, understanding,
and repetition, since the candidates have to
wait for some time and re-write. Assessments
should be of 65% Cumulative and 35% exams with
vigilance and security in the accumulation.

With the above outline, being partial
in recruitment, as being with the WASSCE –
SSCE, is equivalent to setting a trap to
ensnare one’s own self,because should you raise a reasonable point, and
Ghanaians not understanding you, might be as a result of their trivial
educational background, which
obliterates nation’s unity and acceptance since we all constitute
the facet to build this nation.

There has been preconceived notion in
our WASSCE interpretations, which
baffles us as youth, as if we are being
deprived, to reach the level of our heads, due
to future competition.

The interpretation, as below, raises many
questions, which follow;

A1 – 1
B2 – 2
B3 – 3 then
C4, C5, C6 – 4 also
D7 - 5
E8 – 6 and some institutions does
not recognized it
F9 - fail
1. If C4, C5, C6 are calculated the same, then
what was the necessity of differentiating them?
2. If C4, C5, C6 equals 4, why not B2, B3
equals 2…………..bias!!!
3. If the SSCE was not good and has been
abolished, why then should we compare the
WASSCE to it, and not have it own means of
interpretations and acceptance.
4. If we should be justice, SSCE was from A – F
thus from 1 – 6 inclusive of F, but would
exceeds 6 if F9 is taken into consideration.
5. Also why E8 attached to F9 being failure.
Some go to the extent of interpreting it as
A1-1,B2-2,B3-3,.....,F9-9 and accept aggregate 36, cruel!!!!!!!.
if for SSCE the last performance,F thus 6 multiplied by 6 minus 12 being (24)
was accepted by tertiary institutions, why not
why for WASSCE the last performance, F9, thus 9 multiplied by 6 minus 12 being (42)
is not accepted as the required aggregate for that interpretation?.
To make justification to WASSCE version, points
should be considered in their interpretation,
and acceptance into Tertiary institutions, for
true impact of education in our national
It also brings about a new step from the SSCE
as followed.
A1 - 1
B2 - 1.5 or B+
B3 - 2 or B
C4 - 2.3 or C++
C5 - 2.6 or C+
C6 - 3 or C
D7 - 4 or D
E8 - 5 or E
F9 - 6 or F fail
This will leave the best 6 subjects result,
with a whole number, or a decimal, which must
be regarded during the admission requirements.
E.g. Admission with WASSCE should be 35.5 (35+)
or (35++) for 35.8. The (++) or (+) refers to
whether decimal is above or below 5, thus
giving it a newly and true lift, from SSCE.
This will also boost up students, not to accept
inferiority complex, in the strive to achieve
their potentialities, and with equal
I am consequently appealing to the
Government and the Ministry of education, to
look into this, to ensure truthiness and justification in education
and to our nation at large.

Columned by
Eduku Korora Owura,
Nawule – Western Region