Feature Article of Thursday, 19 January 2012

Columnist: Boasiako, Peter Antwi

Prez Mills Recites National Pledge in Style

President Mills on Monday 9th January interacted with some Journalists in Ghana with the theme “Still Building A Better Ghana” in fulfilment of his pledge to run an open and transparent government.

This afforded the selected members of the press, both local and international the opportunity to grill President Mills, who answered questions on the so-called Action Year promises, the STX Housing Project, the Woyomegate controversy, the Missing Cocaine/Baking Soda saga and also his alleged frosty relationship with ex-President J.J Rawlings, amongst others.

After the interaction, many Ghanaians have argued that President Mills failed to give precise and satisfactory answers to all the questions, especially as he fell flat on his face on the issue of tackling the corruption in his govt. Prez Mills ended up reciting his pledge to Ghanaians in total affronting rudeness and in a very nice way as follows;-

“I promised on my Dishonour to be Unfaithful about the Drastic Reduction of the petroleum prices, and Disloyal to my Godfather Ex-Prez JJ Rawlings on the 24/7 consultation on my mother land.

I pledged myself to the Disservice of the Constitution of Ghana with all my strength & with all my heart. I promised to Reward Politics of Insult in my govt and ensure that the Unpatriotic Individuals are allowed to Commit Gargantuan Crimes against the People of Ghana without any compunction.

I promised to Patronise Women in Ghana deceitfully with the 40% positions in my govt in order to secure their votes; and for my govt to become a Political Dracula, feeding on the flesh of the masses through Road Accidents.

I promise to hold in high esteem, the Corruption and Indiscipline in our society with no Sympathy; the Self-enrichment of my Appointees & the Institution of Tribalism and Division Agenda as part of our National Culture.

And I pledge myself in all things, to Uphold and Defend Alfred Woyome, Betty Moo and all the Greedy Bastards, including the Mediocre Ministers, the Incompetent DCEs and MCEs; as well as the Non-performing Board of Directors.

I will continue to hire the Inexperienced Communication Team for my govt; and Pay the Rented NDC Press like the Daily Post; the Informer; the National Democrat; the Ghanaian Lens to help pull wool over the eyes of Ghanaians on the cases like the GHC58m judgment debt and the Missing 4.58 million barrels of crude oil at the Jubilee Oil Field; and to progress in the propagation of the latest Baba Jamal’s theory of Sheep = Cow and White = Blue to the detriment of Ghana’s development.

So, Help Me God!!

Fellow Ghanaians; May the above pledge by Prez Mills inspire you to scrutinise and interrogate thoroughly and penetratingly, every single promise by Prez Mills, before and now, and his recent utterances to help you make the right choice on the upcoming general elections on 7th December.

Peter Antwi Boasiako. London - anpet2000@yahoo.com