Feature Article of Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Columnist: Nketia-Kumi, James

Attorney General Amidu- Almost A Hero.

One of the finest moments of Democracy is when heroes emerge and villains exposed. In Africa leaders become dictators until overthrown by another Military dictators or currently by masses. In the practicing democracy our political leaders hero-worship their political parties turning blind eyes on their corrupt practice of governance. Even the Head of States firing their corrupt political cabinet members from their party is unheard of for fear of putting their political party in shame.

If Ghana wants to be a political showcase in Africa individual political heroes must emerge.

Who is this individual political hero? There are many unsung ones but individuals whose action brings a change in the government are what African, especially Ghana, needs.

In Ghana we can have a pioneer hero in Attorney General Martin Amidu. This is a man who has sensed corruption but afraid to expose. What is he waiting for? A political hero has a will not to be part of political evil of corruption and may resign to avoid being an accomplished. As an Attorney General he may bring the culprits to book or resign to show the world his hand are clean of the corruption.

No political leader has ever done this in Ghana and Mr. Martin Amidu can be the first to write this political chapter in our political books.

Mr. Amidu, please, do not join any other political party but demonstrate your feeling by resigning. You will be a hero not only in Ghana but the whole Africa.

It is true you may be stripped off all your benefits and become outcast in your party but in broader content of world politics, your conscience will make you rich. Even monetary richness private lectures all over the world will bring back what you will lose.

Please, be a hero and a role model for our young democracy.

Be the first In GHANA



James Nketia-Kumi

New Jersey