Feature Article of Sunday, 1 January 2012

Columnist: Eduku, Korora

A highlight to Prof. Mills' performance....."Human Justice"

There has been extra-ordinary feature with Professor Mills’ government, which no

other leader, pro the epoch of Nkrumah, has been adroit to pull off. Should we

vaguely ignore him, then it would be intricate for us Ghanaians to recuperate from

the trap, which enmesh us into slavery. Till fifty years ahead, through persistent

revitalization of our gaffes to make development in our society, it could be

tantamount to his vision today. The truth is that, other bodies of his governance do

not adhere fully to the agenda of his vision, given their autonomy to execute orders

in their administration. This is also due to the Christian attribute of the

President which also confines with the Fundamental Human Rights and freedom. Human

beings vary from animals and this comprehends with the President’s rule. Everything

begins on a spark being electron, very negligible but evolves into pressure to carry

planes, but this to the Ghanaian is claptrap. Most people I

cross-examined about Prof Mills, within my vicinity substantiated that his works

are only of paper, especially the inflation reduction, Improved gross international

reserves, Currency Stabilization, 2010 Macroeconomic great Performance, Single

Spine Single Spine Salary implementation, Revenue Agencies Integration, Domestic

Financing, Convergence Criteria For the first time in 9 years, Payment of TOR debt,

Foreign Direct Investment, Increment in Capitation Grant, Free Uniforms, Free

Exercise Books, Expansion of School Feeding Programme , Full Tuition Fees for

Teachers, Replacing Schools Under Trees , Revamping Collapsed Science Resource

Centers , Reduction in SHS Duration, Savings on the Reduction of Appointments, The

Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA). Increment in Producer Price of

Cocoa, One-Time Premium Payment in the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS),

completion of Preparatory works including value for money audits, tendering,

negotiations and required approvals, are all mere at the countenance of government

and meaningless in the lives of Ghanaians. Prior to the study of the mere atom,

medicine which is of great purpose in our lives couldn’t have been possible, but

for Ghanaians, on the initiation of the study of an atom, would exclaim,” Leave the

mere nasty atom and make better solutions to diseases”. For us to be able to

supersede the whites in decision making for better livelihood, we ought to begin by

means of considering the meager facts for rectification, which is the foundation

for white’s success, and thus reckon with Prof. Mills’ administration, which is to

gradually progress into remarkable freedom from the chaos of our society in line

with Nature.. Let me take this great prospect to cite an example on the general use

of English language in our educational system. Mere language leading to

impertinence in our products or made in Ghana Goods, and other

diverged humiliations. Due to the fact that our studies, being a change from bad to

good through acquisition of skills, are communicated in the foreign Language, it

unconsciously, distract Ghanaians to have psychological value for whites leading to

their promotion in all fields, counting on their products. And inline with the

above, consider the great investments made for them through these modus operandi.

What will refrain you not to take your plate to them for food in turn?. A mere

language driving Ghanaians into slavery. Sometimes we Ghanaians goes to the extent

of communicating to our neighbors, our wealth, through the use of foreign products.

These propelled Dr Kwame Nkrumah to change his name from the English to present to

serve as a role model for Ghanaians, but seemed nonsense in their eyes and later

cried for him after his demise. This is comparable to Prof Mills. Ghanaians with

the same respective when at hospitals, through the systematic

medical approach, they blame physicians, giving them useless medicines at the

initial stage of their illness, anticipating for C class ones. My fellow Ghanaians

let us open our eyes, because every thing is systematic by nature, thus from mere

to great, compared to growth from childhood to adulthood. With, Prof Mills, your

turn will surely come and be compensated for the delay, irrespective of how you

were created, academically, physically and emotionally. This is in his vision, all

context in his treasured promise. The most magnificent thing I found of him, is his

provision of solutions, through scientific approach, of which most blacks lack. He

recently investigated on the poor performance of students resulting from

Teacher-student relations, lateness to class by teachers and students, right up to

the food designed to enhance brain’s performance. Consequently, he has provided

capitation to expand schools to accommodate those who suffered the above

errors whilst he find solutions for the newly recruits. What a human Justice, he is

fair to everybody rather than the rule of lion comparable to Idi Amin of Uganda.

Had it not been the tenet of God through Prof. Mills I would have encouraged him to

rule with iron hands for that will award him respect, as propound by Idi Amin which

can be calculated as similar arrogance in some of our aspirants as 2012 flag


Throw light to these points too.

Completed Projects • DNA Laboratory at KBTH • Refurbishment of the Tower section of

the Medical Block in KBTH • Expansion of the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and

Burns Centre at KBTH • A new Reproductive Health Centre at KBTH

The following abandoned projects in Accra-Tema Metropolis were reactivated in 2009

for completion • Usher Polyclinic Theatre completed • Maternity Block at Achimota

Hospital • Upgrading of Maamobi, Kaneshie and Mamprobi Polyclinics • Contract has

been awarded for the construction of maternity and children’s block at Tema General


To the above outline should we Ghanaian expect manner to fall from Heaven without

integral respect for the address of Minor problems as started by our Dear President

his Excellency Prof. John Evan Atta Mills, then it is akin to snuffing at the

countenance of air around sea shore. You can admit or dispute the fact, but what is

coherent is due to happen. Cast your vote for the future.

Happy X’mas

Column by

Korora Eduku (Owura)

Nawule – Western Region

Tel: 0203336545