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Hail the Asantehene, now “King of Kings” of Africa!

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2011-12-15 11:21:40
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and The holy spirit impregnated Mary?

Pope John Mills or whoever,watch your tongue or mind your language for you shall give account of this oneday whether you like or not. You are talking about a mighty and superior power here. Is there any unity among the ashantis? What happens to all the royalties, are u proud of Kumasi as a city? which history are you talking about? Please talk about American history and i will show what history has contributed to that nation.
Talk of Gaddafi, he was 10 times better than ghanaian polititians and chiefs, the signs are there for all to see. He built Libya. Who is supposed to make kumasi nice, Borkor Haram should spare us the next article.

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Comment to Pope John Mills.
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