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Men Of God In Handcuffs?

Comment: u dnt know wat christianity is....

2011-09-04 15:07:53
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y do u judge a whole religion by da actions of a section of its adherents? why do u only mention da wrng dat dey do wat abt christian ministers, ngos, individuals etc etc who hav built hospitals. sch. given all manner of donations to all manner of causes. dnt ask for examples cos u no dis is true....will u call Islam a violent religion? afterall all da terrorists n armed robbers seem to be muslims dnt dey?!?!??!!! pls if u wnt to know wat christianity is, u will find it in da Bible, nt necessarily in da lives of so-called 'christians'.

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09-04 01:20
u dnt know wat christianity is....
09-04 15:07