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Biometric Voter Registration- A $150-Million Waste?

Comment: STL-Criminals Have it in the Bag

Kwaku Ananse
2011-08-24 00:43:36
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Peter, you are close to being correct except you're missing some factual details. Enus Company Ltd were also shortlisted, they had a solid partnership with a world-renowned biometric company called Securlinx. This little-known company have the world's best minds in biometrics including Michael Kirkpatrick (the biometric expert the EC were chasing to give them guidance for the project) credited with building the world's largest biometric database/system for the US govt.

Let me explain to the readers here that the die is cast and a LOCKSMITH company - STL with all their shady background and history is going to be awarded this all important project even though they have zero experience in biometric technology deployment. They have paid all necessary dowry ..erm bribes, they have Akomeah (the EC's bone-headed IT director) in their hip pocket to the tune of $1.5million.

It sad to know that with all the knowledgeable and competent people/companies available the Electoral Commission will doom our dear country like this. Trust me these STL thugs have a stranglehold on all significant tech projects in Ghana because Ghanaians are bought cheaply. In the off chance that Smartmatics gets the award, you can rest assured that it will be super expensive with little value ask Mexico how smartmatics saddled them with a ridiculously expensive voting system that has no real value in terms of software, registry validation, system security and authenticity.

I'm posting my own write-up soon.

Oh Mother Ghana - We are doomed

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08-23 04:35
STL-Criminals Have it in the Bag
Kwaku Ananse
08-24 00:43