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Biometric Voter Registration- A $150-Million Waste?

Comment: You darn right it's a waste

Abeeku Mensah
2011-08-23 07:27:05
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Biometric Voter Registration- A $150-Million Waste

Everything about Ghana's government of old and of now is a waste. The electorate could just give a darn about details and thus are bamboozled by our leaders who are just too brazen with their stealing innate traits nothing is going to stop them.
I become angst when I hear people make reference to practices and procedures in the USA or European countries as basis for Ghanaians to act one way the other as a sign of a nation full of fools. In those civilized nations, it is their culture and practices, existence of institutions and adherence to laws and judicial practices that keep then in check. In Ghana it is the elite and educated class who write articles of our constitutions that render them lords over citizens and above all laws. Ghana's passport system is and will be a sham because we have been unable to define who is a Ghanaian or what it takes to classify anyone as a Ghanaian. As such anyone with money in Ghana or in the Diaspora holding another nationality does not need to rescind their nationality to become a Ghanaian; they can buy Ghanaian citizenship.
How then is the biometric system supposed to work or help? If you cannot classify who is a Ghanaian how can you effectively register a legal voter in Ghana? Who will be in charge of a system where national institutions/agencies are in the hands of the executive branch of government and in the majority party while a rather contemptible judiciary that was bought and sold in 2002 is in the hand of another party?
Some foreign company will make money through acquisition of equipment for the biometric system and some government agent(s) will take some money to their personal bank account all courtesy of Ghana's tax payers.

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08-23 04:35
You darn right it's a waste
Abeeku Mensah
08-23 07:27