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Accra traffic in the year 2020


2011-07-28 02:14:40
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Accra traffic in the year 2020

Of all the cities in the world, the one I would like Accra or any of our large cities to emulate is the Brazilian city of Curitiba. It has a popualtion of close to 3 million, but it is regarded as one of the world's most livable and sustainable cities.

Forty-two years ago the city leaders decided to focus primarily on mass transit, and ended up with the world's best bus system. Every single day, clean, regular, comfortable buses carry more than 3/4 of its people throughout the city.

Cars are banned from about 50 blocks of the city's downtown area. A spider web of pedestrian walkways are connected to bus stations, bicycle ways, and beautiful parks.

Because this green city depends less on vehicles, it has less air pollution, and no traffic congestion.
Millions of trees have been planted throughout the city. No tree in the city can be cut down without a permit, and two trees must be replanted for each one cut.

In Curitiba, practically all the households have electricity, potable water, and trash collection. The whole city recycles. Rubbish is sorted by household into paper, metal, glass, & plastic for collection three times a week. What I really love about Curitiba is that all school children study ecology.

The city government has two goals:
1. Find simple, innovative, fast, cheap, and fun solutions to the problems of the city.
2. Set up a government that is honest, accountable, and is open to public scrutiny.

Come on folks, I honestly think we can do all that and more in our cities. All it takes is courage and the will to act, and where there's a will, there's a way. Krakye Panin Mante is right, let's have "an efficient public transport system which is reliable and affordable" and clean and comfortable; and Accra will become an ecocity like Curitiba.

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