Feature Article of Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Columnist: Mensah, Nana Akyea

NDC: "We are strong. The NPP is weak!"

*Feature Article by Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.*

"But rising above the crushing defeat handed to his wife, NDC Founder J. J.
Rawlings drew tumultuous applause from a crowd that was hostile to him
earlier in the day when he lifted the right hand of Prof Mills shortly after
Deputy E.C. chief Kwadwo Safo Kantanka declared the former law lecturer

This was a saving grace for Jerry John Rawlings. As for his wife, it was a
different story altogether! Here is how it was reported:

"In sharp contrast, Mrs Rawlings unceremoniously left the stage whilst
congratulations were being expressed, without giving the traditional
concession speech accompanied by the pledge to support the victor."

Nevertheless, the signals from the Rawlings supporters and that of Rawlings
himself shows clearly that they would prefer President Mills to the NPP. It
is not the same in the NPP where grievances run deep with cold and
egotistical calculations. I am writing this piece to make my peace with my
NDC friends whom I have had to clash with in the course of this campaign.
Please, let's forget about the immediate past, we have a massive task ahead
of us.

I specifically mention Antonio Gersis, Nana O!! and Kola on Ghanaweb. This
message is to you all, even though originally addressed to Kola: In your
thanks to Rawlings, I see your own true colours. and I like what I see!
Thank you very much, my brother! I was also very happy to see a comment in
the same light from our good friend NANA Ø!!, and many others who were in
the Rawlings camp. What this simply means is that the NDC as a whole is
intact! If the NPP was hoping that those supporting Rawlings would be
disappointed enough to turn-coat and support the NPP, here is a clear answer
for them! We are united and strong again!

This is happening at a time when the heat between the "Agenda 2016" of the
Kufour-Alan Cash camp is cleverly preparing the grounds for a take-off after
2012. Get this straight, the "Agenda 2016" is no friend of Akufo-Addo's
"Victory 2012 Campaign". Do you remember the last time Mr. Asamoah Boateng
attempted to visit the Headquarters of "Victory 2012 Campaign"? He was
nearly lynched by the Akufo-Addo hangers-on. They openly screamed "Agenda
'16" and chased him away!

After this open display of hostility, several things happened which have not
appeared in the news, and may never appear in full. The "Agenda 2016"
advised themselves. Why not? Look at how they are treating them, even when
they are not yet in power! What would happen when they win? So why should
they help them to win?

If you know that the chances for the NPP to come to power are far brighter
in 2016 than in 2012, if Ghana's voting pattern so far is anything to go by.
And you also happen to know that a win by this vindictive rival and his
jealous supporters, will mean jeopardizing the ambitions of Alan Cash to
emerge as the unquestionable leader of the NPP in 2016, you will think twice
or more!

What is even more alarming is the fact that everyone knows Akufo-Addo is on
his last lap to political retirement after his inevitable defeat in 2012.
Any help from "Agenda 2016" to surmount such an obstacle means a defeat for
the very aim of the "Agenda 2016" because a win for Akufo-Addo in 2012
automatically gives him another lease of life in politics, and postpones his
political expiring date from 2012 to 2020!

Now, why would Alan Cash do that for his arch-rival? Ha? And Alan Cash has
strong NPP men behind him. They include almost all the former national
executive members, such as the former National Chairman, General Secretary,
President Kufour, and most of the Kufour ministers. Do you onw understand
why the "Victory 2012" supporters jumped up to attack Asamoah Boateng on the
mere sight of him near their office?

The funny thing is that even the "Agenda 2016" has learnt from the
consequences of the Paa Willie sabotage of Victor Owusu when he broke away
from the PFP to form the UNC in 1982. Thus both sides want to keep the NPP
as a single entity for their contradictory ambitions. It is a very
interesting internal stife that makes them all ridiculously hypocritical
about it.

I was so amused to read that Akufo-Addo has made Alan Cash a member of the
"Victory 2012 Campaign". It is just a window-dressing. He will not be
trusted with anything crucial to the success of the campaign. they know it.
Making Alan Cash responsible for any victory in 2012 is like putting King
Herod in charge of mother-care! You might as well put Dracula in charge of a
blood bank!

We are strong. They are weak!

We shall win!!!

Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!!