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Ms. Ama Benyiwa Doe

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2011-07-03 03:21:09
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Leave Ama Chavez alone

I don't think I agree with you mate, If Akuffo Addo is accused of being a drug addict, it is his private life, unless our constitution states that he has to prove otherwise before he can stand for public office. Also allegations against Kuffour were made whilst he was in office, I guess it is the same reason Rawlings hasn't bothered to answer to any allegations made against him, however accusations of murder of a follow Ghanaian, I think is a crime against the state which I doubt whether Ministers could be allowed to walk free if proven. Also if the allegations are coming from a member of the public who claims to be related to the alleged died person, then I think that goes beyond holding public office. Mind you she is alleged to have said the guy is somewhere about in Accra. If indeed the guy is alive, I don't see where he cannot post a comment here to say he is alive. Personally I wouldn't want anyone to say I'm dead when I'm still alive, unless I've really lost the plot.

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