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Opinions of Monday, 27 June 2011

Columnist: Mercer, Patrick Jojo

BNI must investigate NDC Cocaine Laboratory in Guinea-Bissau

A month ago, I wrote about the failure of government to curb the activities of drug trafficking among certain government functionaries which was causing alarm especially among Western Intelligence agencies. I wrote about British Customs officers and Police intercepting a parcel of yams at the Kent International Airport in London, United Kingdom. These tubers of yam were found to be containing cocaine at a street value of 200,000 pounds, this bag incidentally had a diplomatic cache to it with Ghana’s coat of arms. Despite explanations sought from the Ghanaian government and the security agencies by the British Authorities, nobody was forthcoming. Why was this matter covered up ? was it because of the damaging wiki leaks report which provided some evidence that some government officials were involved in peddling drugs?

I am once again appealing to the BNI to investigate the activities of 4 government individuals who are involved in the narcotic trade in Guinea Bissau, our West African Neighbour a country declared a narcotic state by the United Nations. Intelligence sources have confirmed that these members have set up a processing Laboratory outside the capital, Bissau in the town of Catio .Forty Ghanaians selected from the Brong Ahafo and Western Regions arrived into the country secretly in September 2010 to work in the Laboratory. The refined product is sent to Europe and North America with the support of a South American drug baron who is discovered is one Nelson Dominguez alias “Paco” based there as the main contact and facilitator.

I am calling on President Mills to explain to Ghanaians the role Rojo Mettle Nunoo plays as a Minister of Health. Is it because his position will allow him to import thousands of dollars worth of chemicals and biological components which would be diverted to Guinea Bissau under government protocols and cover thus evading the eyes of the law enforcement agencies so these items can be used to refine the drug for export ?

The Bureau of National Investigations, NACOB and the Interpol Office in Ghana must wake up from their sleep and deal with this matter as it damages Ghana’s standing . This is an open secret at Ecowas gatherings and was recently raised at a meeting at the Deputy United Nations Secretary General’s Office in New York. I would like to think that the Ghanaian government led by President Mills will take this seriously and do something to clean its house or a huge scandal, worse than the Amoateng Saga awaits them.

Patrick Jojo Mercer
Former Commercial Attaché,
Ghana High Commission, Australia