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Koku Anyidoho More than a Presidential Spokesperson

Comment: Re: Mills is a dufus and a mess

2011-06-04 05:17:12
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Mills is a dufus and a mess

It is so sad that Ghana still has a Togolese as our chief linguist. Maybe it was a mistake to have Mills as the president knowing very well that it took the good people of Ghana 19-solid years to be able to extricate ourselves from the brutal dictatorship of the Togolese maniac who, through the barrel of a gun, stole our kingdom from us on june 4th, 1979. Seriously, we Ghanaians should resist any form of usurpation of power, or the extension of any silly Togolese oppresors' rule with all our will and might.

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Re: Mills is a dufus and a mess
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