Feature Article of Thursday, 26 May 2011

Columnist: Twumasi, Patrick

Eminent Chiefs Arbitration on the Dagbon crisis


In serving justice in the instance of the Ya-Na murder quagmire, Ghana as a
country and Ghanaians as citizens should cease from the blame game court, for
the reason that, this goat we will carry on our shoulders we should not allow it
to enjoy a cut walk in the mud. Besides, a secondary bush which deserved the
swing to get it cleared has now become a fully grown forest which requires the
services of energetic blooded youthful whose wage is the treasure of an entire
It is said that an arbiter is an accepted fellow by feuding factions in any
case, and the outcomes of such arbitrations are most often received with less
feet drugging. Would politicians allow the Eminent Chiefs the space and time to
arbitrate in the Dagbon qualms? For the simple reason that, peace has been
waiting on the sidelines to wear his crown to rule, but the confused state of
affairs is keeping the truth at bay whilst what looks similar to the truth has
or is taken over the throne of justice.

Additionally we need to work round the clock to wire innately into the Two Gates
the radar, the apparent relevance of appearing sun clear before the Eminent
Chiefs without any shadows insight to sooth a smooth deliberations and eventual
arbitration of the age old dispute. With any dark cloud mushrooming on the
arbitration would rather give the nation a needless flashback for feed forward,

There is every reason to avoid the attitude of
eating-sleeping-head-in-the-sand-approach to issues of deliberate crime that has
the capacity to strain the credibility of the nation. This is an appropriate
forum where the voiceless can find the tone to strike the chord, which may, just
may spew the truth from whatever location it, was left. Hence, those who have
been paying the pauper and call the tune should hold on to their deep pocket, to
give serenity the chance to come and fill the vacuum that has existed for awhile
Factually it is of relevance for those with oversight responsibility on this
issue to observe a cardinal aspect of the Dagbon crises before roping in the
Eminent Chiefs. For the reason that, the Eminent Chiefs’ nut to untie is to
unite the feuding Royal Gates, which there is no doubt they will deliver
expertly with all the wisdom one can thought of. We as a nation can opt for the
dung solution – this is where the arbitration succeeds in getting the Two Gates
to shake hands, but beneath there would be slippery-wet floor of unresolved
issues that borders on highly sensitive matters. As the Two Gates appear before
the King of Asante, the lead arbiter, they are supposed to come on board with an
entire commitment beyond measure. But downrightly, the Abudus’ will arrive at
the arbitration with a divided attention, knowing well enough that they have
their fellow kinsmen who are breathtakingly embattled with the law, which should
they lose out the ultimate is nothing, but death. How is a person expected to
smile when there is stomach upset? A person can never chew properly when there
is rotten tooth in the mouth.

The Abudus’ will surely and has every reason to emerge at the arbitration with
their cards on their chest. Equally their hearts will be heavy with dark clouds
settled on thoughts and a lot of brooding with wild ideas. Suggestively, can the
Eminent Chiefs bid for a while to await the determination of the appeal pending
before the courts on the judgment, which acquitted and discharged the 14 accused
persons with one at large, on the murder of the Overlord of Dagbon, Ya-Na Yakubu
Andani II? Because, no matter how far the arbitration has traveled if the final
determination of the appeal commit the 14 accused and one person at large to a
sentence, it will immediately erase the gains and further increase the height of
the fence between the Royal Gates thereby leaven no stretch of human imagination
of building of a bridge in the near or distant future. Why can’t we bid our

A rush would amount to dressing a sore without getting access to the actual spot
of the pain; hence, the drug will be left on nothing but the skin. As a country
abashed with human intellect we would be making a u-turn to base – where we
started from. Core issues should be addressed. The Eminent Chiefs begun an
earlier arbitration but it could not logically conclude its’ work, suspected,
due to mistrust and disregard to listening to both side keenly. The Royal Gates
should be allowed to speak about their pain and nuts they have tried over the
years to untie, but with little or no success. Then it could be considered a
problem well solved, or.
In spite of the desire and passion to solve the puzzle and do away with this
mill stone around our neck, which is gradually leading us to the abattoir
without any potent panacea in sight, the truth must be well told and the song
well sang. An underpinning we need to marry has to deal with the involvement of
our political elite.

If by any means bigwig politicians have their tricky hands in there, worse of,
should it emanate from the political divide, then, the Dagbon issue would remain
a wife that the politicians will work around the clock to dish out the house
keep money which affords them a political massage to ensure they are kept

In reading the epic political book of Niccolo Machiavelli, “The Prince”, a
person get educated to the effect that, there is vivid variations to
ascertaining, attaining, obtaining, maintaining and sustaining power. If
unfortunately the Dagbon crisis is for political reasons, then for maintenance
and sustenance of power, Yendi, sorry will never smile roses or have peace.

Government after the other will promise redemption but will deliver nothing more
than emptiness. Think about this tactfully and discerningly, the Eminent Chiefs
are not meeting the Two Royal Gates for the first time, but rather the second in
an attempt to put to rest this age old headache. What about appearing before the
law courts? This is the second in a series as well to seek a solution through
the judicial system. But how successful has this been? Lilt service to this all
important dark side of the country will do us nothing but, reduce the realities
of development in that part to a force starter. Believe it or not, the day these
politicians will bow out, that is when true peace would come to Dagbon.

Despite the efforts to waned ourselves from these sparks we turn to ignore even
when it’s glaring that a fresh one is about to start. When among the pack of
thorns tones of roses are spring up, are they not a sense of concern? We should
not superintend or gaze at our dear nation as it goes down. What else can we
have to lay claim to, with our neck next to the sky? We are living in the
present which would be the past for a generation unborn. What would be their
verdict, a failed predecessors or, forefathers who put forward their capacity to
deal with problems they were confronted with excellently? Or strangely we do not
care a pinch about the bone the future would pick with our generation? Let right
sense of judgment override every consideration in our pursuance of those
responsible of this hideous crime. Else we would have no other apt opt but to
count it among our litany of failures.

In spite of the blank wall we strike at each attempt and the obstacles we are
faced with at every step taken, God will give us – the people of Dagbon and
Ghanaians - the strength to carry on in this pursuit. Our commitment towards
finding those who owns up this dastardly act is unshaken, for the almighty’s
ability is rightly our back bone. Let those who stow under the power there be to
propel rocks with their propellers to the homes of the commons know the
searchlight of God will find them surely. They will regret it one day.

On the corridors of power, varied spectacles take place for the wish to have
grip on political power is concerned. But this delicate issue cannot be pushed
on to the fast lain of politics. Though, it is politicised as at now, but we can
take it off that fast lain. We started on a bad note and tone, but we have the
capacity to give the pitch a change. Yes, any attempt to force personal and
political sentiments on this all important criminal case should be void and
Let us do our best and not lose strength in pursuing this relevant discovery
journey we have begun. We just need to remain united and focused, allowing no
cracks in our front, harbouring no fear in our mind and with no doubt what so
ever, this mountain, we shall overcome and surmount some day. In this war
against these perpetuators of social evil, good will surely prevail, and light
will over rule darkness.
May the soul of the late Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II, and 40 0f his elders, in whose
stead we have been seeking for justice, live forever.

Patrick Twumasi