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An Open Letter on Festivals to the Okyeman Traditional Council

Comment: Okyeman is now At3ky3man

2011-05-09 04:42:01
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An Open Letter on Festivals to the Okyeman Traditi

Oh Brother Kwaku, I don't want to be cynic to your beautiful article but the Okyenhene is busy muddying our sacred river Birim under the guise of 'responsible' mining and cutting all the timbers - even - Onyina that he hasn't got the time to think about planning the Odwira and Ohum festivals. Go nd see the Ofori Panin Fie, it is in complete tatters but the Okyenhene goes about trumpeting his Environmental concerns like an eminent representativeof the Greenpeace. Okyeman, Akyemkwaa a onom Birem has become Akyemkwaa onom at3ky3.

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05-09 03:55
Okyeman is now At3ky3man
05-09 04:42