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How the Busia government and the judges dealt with ...

Comment: So, should we be left no recourse to ...

G.K. Berko.
2010-09-01 13:57:34
Comment to:

So, Mr. Darko, should we be left no recourse to arrest a Judiciary gone beserk with blatant misapplication of the Laws of the Land?

Are you implying that because the murder of the Judges are believed by many to have a trailing source to J.J., no NDC Party Member of Government Official should ever vociferously criticize the rulings of Judges who might have imposed a questionable verdict suspected to be Politically motivated?

Granted, the Chairman of the ruling Party, NDC, did not say any Judge would be murdered. The implication of murder in his statement is undeniably a convenient extrapolation of his intent to link the current Government to the murderous incidents of the past against the 3 Judges.

We are in a Civilian Administration, for Christ sake! What if similar complaints were made by NPP leadership on a case their member might have lost?

We ought to be pragmatic, here. I don't think any Judge would let his or her guard down today to be easily taken out the way the other victims were, particularly of that atrocious murders. Besides, in the current age of much easier access to communication with all kinds of destinations, it would be most difficult to just round Judges up in the middle of the night to murder them as did to the 3 Judges. It is even sheer unthinkable!

Someone referred to the Rosko Frimpong's murder and further claimed that as an example of how the abduction of Judges still could be possible.

I seriously doubt that the Judges, today, have ever forgotten their natural propensity to infuriate many, even outside the Government, and have since the murder of the 3 Judges, not adequately sought for security.

That said, we should not even come to a point where such a horrible idea would even steal the central stage of our Public discussions. Our Judiciary alone bears the burden of proving their neutrality. The Parliament must to ensure that the Judiciary does its work without favor or duress, and channels equally exist for reprimanding Judges who grossly err by design.

Long Live Ghana!!

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08-28 01:24
So, should we be left no recourse to ...
G.K. Berko.
09-01 13:57