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How the Busia government and the judges dealt with ...

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Leaning The Judicial Cats In Many Ways
Source: Daily Guide - Daily Guide

Article By Kwesi Biney
THERE ARE many ways indeed to do so many things in the life of a man. When it comes to even the everyday requirement of feeding the body, it can be done in so many ways.

Some people break their fast by taking Prof. Akosa ( Hausa koko and kose). If you are from my father's town, that is if you are a Fanti, you are likely to take cheese, toasted bread, tea, milo or coffee.

If you come from Oseikrom and its environs, you are likely to look for fufu and some ebunebun and a piece or two of Atta Go Slow. Oh! You do not know Atta Go Slow in the chop bar parlance?

That is snail or better still, slow but sure.
If you come to my Ahanta, whaaaat, fonfom and kako will surely be my breakfast, and once my mahogany bitters is available, I can bet you, that will be my way of killing my breakfast.

If you pass around Bukom in Accra, go and see proper hot Ga kenkey undressed in a piece of paper, accompanied by fresh smoked fish and grinded hot pepper.

I can't be sure whether a little tot of mahogany bitters would be taken in advance and positioned strategically in the belly of the person breaking the fast. That is some of the many ways through which people break their fast.

So indeed, there are many ways of killing 'judicial cats'. What immediately followed this unfortunate comment made by the NDC National Chairman was the Deputy Attorney General's claim that a High Court Judge sitting on a very sensitive matter involving suspected murderers of the Ya Na, sat in a beer bar to make prejudicial comments on a matter he the Judge was going to sit on.

When the High Court Judge called for evidence, the Deputy Attorney General asked the Judge to offer proof that he (the judge) did not say what he is alleged to have said. By jove, who is enjoined by law to show proof, the one alleging or the one against whom an allegation has been made?

I now understand why the NDC government is losing its cases in court. I am not a lawyer, but if you hear a lawyer and for that matter a Deputy Attorney General of the Republic of Ghana, the legal advisor to the President of the country, using a recorded tape of an information given to him by an informant, instead of the recordings of what the person being accused is alleged to have said, as evidence to accuse a Judge of bias, then Ghana is in for trouble, should the nation be engulfed in any litigation with a foreign party. Secondly, it shows how bankrupt the NDC is in terms of legal minds.

To make up for this bankruptcy, it is now using bugabuga tactics to create the impression that it is the bench that is robbing them, or better still suarezing them of victory in the law courts.

If indeed the state has not won any case in the law courts where different judges preside over the cases, then it is conclusive that the state has either a bad case or the A-G does not prepare its case very well.

The A-G therefore thinks that blaming the bench to cover up the fact that the state has a bad case would satisfy its teeming foot-soldiers who were promised that officials of the previous regime would be arrested and imprisoned when the NDC comes into power.

Failure therefore to meet those promises to please their members is what has resulted in pushing the blame on the bench. Some NDC newspapers have started attacking the Chief Justice and it includes allegedly, a Regional Tribunal chairman.

What has a regional tribunal chairman got to do in this matter? What is happening is nothing but a re-enactment of the attacks on the judiciary, which culminated in the abduction and murder of the three High Court Judges and the retired military officer.

It would be recalled that before the abduction and the gruesome murder of the judges, the cadres and the revolutionary agents of the PNDC invaded the Supreme Court and closed down the court.

Following that, a lot of invectives and accusations were leveled against judges in this country; sentiments were whipped up by leading members of government against the judiciary, which eventually culminated in the most criminal act by agents of government in the history of this country.

No one should underestimate the capacity of the NDC to prepare the grounds for their foot-soldiers to raid the courts and drive away judges, the way they have done to their own DCEs and other public employees in the NHIS throughout the country. After all, to them, it will be just one of the many ways of cleaning the biases in the judiciary.

We have also witnessed in this country, situations where political armed robbers have attacked and killed people without taking anything from the victims; that can be one way of cleaning the judiciary.

Hmm, some accidents are orchestrated to 'clean' people perceived to be political opponents. The case of the death of the ex-Vice President Kow Nkensen Arkaah is a typical example.

The President, Egya Atta of Ekumfi Otuam, attempted to distance himself from what his National Chairman said when he said that “he has no such intentions to clean the judiciary” and that he has confidence in the judiciary.

Very well, but Egya Atta, it is not a matter of what your intentions are, it is a matter of what powers the constitution of the Republic gives you in respect of the judiciary.

Indeed, you do not have any powers to clean the judiciary so your intentions, whether imaginary or constitutional, do not exist. In fact, you cannot even conceive that idea, period.

Your efforts to calm nerves by exerting your authority as the President of this country on your return seems to have been thrown into the Odaw drains by the 10 Regional Chairmen of your party, who in less than 24 hours after your 'reconciliation' statement, which should have put the matter to rest, have come out lashing at the Chief Justice and affirming their unflinching support for Dr. Kwabena Adjei.

The spokespersons of the NDC are using corruption of the judiciary to justify their criminal statements. The question that any decent minded Ghanaian should ask is, is the perception of corruption only found in the judiciary?

Do we not all make allegations of corruption within the Executive arm of government? What is the NDC doing to clean the executive of corruption and bias?

It is common knowledge in this country, perceptibly or realistically that the police is a corrupt institution. What is the NDC doing to clean it? If the SSSS that has been given to them is a way out, why not do same for the judiciary?

Hey, the Customs Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS) is synonymous with corruption in Ghana. Let the NDC tell us, how are they cleaning that institution of the filth?

The Civil and the Public Service, is the NDC's long cleaning broom going to clean them as well? Why focus only on the judiciary if not on the basis that the A-G has been losing its cases in the courts?

And the 10 Regional Chairmen are calling for a public forum to discuss the 'corruption in the judiciary'. That forum should best discuss the hardships the NDC has brought upon the good people of this country.

The NDC has still not learned any civility in governance. They think they can bring back the bugabuga and the nauseating people's power concept, where some riffraff were bused to a location, given a drum full of undiluted akpeteshie to rave and rant, after which a kind of a resolution was passed on a matter they did not understand, and officials behind those nasty and barbaric act took it as the voice of the people and acted upon it to satisfy their premeditated intents.

This is what the NDC is calling for and not the laid down constitutional procedures of purging the judiciary of erring judges.

Men and women who want to live in the primitive past and still enjoy the advances of today; pungent, isn't it?

If they are men and women of modern day thinking, civilized enough to be counted among decent people on this planet, then the 1992 Constitution should be their guide.

They should be made aware that this nation will not sit down for some motley crooks holding political power to do what is unconstitutional and go ahead to dare the rest of us to criticize them. We will stop them from starting that journey in the first place, and dare them to do their worst. Wise up NDC.

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