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How the Busia government and the judges dealt with ...

Comment: Gabby dangeruous to NPP

2010-08-28 09:23:35
Comment to:
Gabby writes far better than Okoampa

Gabby is the most dangerous person to the NPP. If you want your party to come to power, you don't indulge in objectivity.
"Not Politically advisable"?
Look at the one who stole NPP '08 campaign money with the Kyebi mafia/databank, refering to Busia as making an unwise statement.

Trying to indirectly remind Ghanaians that Busia did the ssame thing that the NDC is currently doing. What a shame. The earlier we get this guy out of the party the better.

But when Nana is done, so is Gabby's career in the NPP. We will hunt him out of the party. And when the '08 election money he and databank stole runs out, I will not be surprised if joins the ndc.

But as we all know, he is not a good writer. He writes like he is writing briefs for court. Write so long as if he taking PHD exam. Who is he trying to impress. If you are also a journalist as you claim, write like a journalist.

Sometimes, he even recycle his articles. He will change the first two paragraphs, insert old ones from a previous article here and there. But since his artilces are too long for comfort, many people to not catch it, since one cannot find more than a dozen people who have read any of his articles to letter or even finished reading them.
He is dangeruous. Aboa bi beka wo a, na ofri wo toma mu.

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Gabby dangeruous to NPP
08-28 09:23