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The Presidential Circus

Comment: Please NDC give the vote back

dr abolo
2009-05-26 20:06:47
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National interest,,bro

Pure evil my friend is when the cabinet is one sided ewe tribe.There is no cohesiveness to promote national unity for the country to move forward.There are serious economic problems facing ghana.The ewe led government has no solutions to help stabilise the falling cedi and inflation.They only worry about who is driving a nice car with the opposition NPP.They must come up with thier economic agender to help the country like the npp did.They should lay it out for all to see and prove themselves.Otherwise they are just waiting for oil money and loopholes to steal money.Transparancy should follow thier economic plans for ghana.Probably the NDC cannot run the country.Please give back the vote to NPP.

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richard duncan
05-25 11:36
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Please NDC give the vote back
dr abolo
05-26 20:06