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The Presidential Circus

Comment: we deserve it(ye fa ta

derrick andoh
2009-05-25 22:23:00
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The Presidential Circus

why won't he play a childs play? and why won't he be confused?how can one say to himself in an examnation hall to his friend i have learn well and an to pass this exam yet he is seeking help and supportt from the wrong persons.President Mills says he is matured to be a leader but yet he can not be a man of himself but rether allowing himself to be controled and manupulate by the ex president.Infact we have not seen any thing yet metter,i mean worse thing are yet to show up,we said ex president Egyeum Kuffour was thing or inshort NPP was leading the country wrongly ,os we need a change.Nevertheless, there has being achange and we all wathness the change we carr ied for,i sometimes ask myself why do our leaders trave to order countris,i mean for what?to see?or to have on record,he was the BEST traveller after his team ofoffice,oohh my dear reader infact our MOTHER GHANA IS LEFT BEHIND.Sorry to say this,but i still have to say it ,if you have the opportunity to trave,there you know that our LEADERS ae absolutely GOOD FOR NOTHING LEAD ER they are WAMPAYERS they are THONGS in GHANAIANS FLESH.I was fortunite to travel to just MALA YSIA,not EUROPE,one fanny thig is we keep being PROUD saying we say we had independence before MALA YSIA,but i tell you,they are FAR FAR AHEAD OF US then what is the use of you haven MONEY BUT YET YOU CAN NOT USE IT,ask me again and again what is their RESOURSE? but yet PROJECTS AN DEVELOPMENT ARE GOING ON EVERY CORNER IN THE COUNTRY AM SAYING to you that it's on going PROJECTS LIVE not like we here in our country ON GOINGH BUT STILL STANDING.They keep deceiving and making a whole lots of nioce in our eyes we have GOLD etc but yet SONS AND DAUGTH ERS of MOTHER GHANA are still sufferi,they go of the BIG LOANS YOU CAN NOT NAME ALL IN OUR NAME AND SHARE IT AMOUNG THEM SELVE, GREEDY LEADERS FIRER BURN YOU ALL INTO ASHES SHAME ON YOU ALL. Last ly we as people of GHANA should change our ATTITUDE AND MODE OF LIVING otherwise we can not make it,WHEN EVEN JESUS CHRIST COMES TO RULE AS PRESIDENT."YE RE SESA MU(CHANGING)AND ADZE WO FIEA OYE"yes ADZE WOFIEA OYE but not when it's BAD OR OUR OF USE."Adze wo fiea oye"has brought us this far,this is just the begining before or afther we can distingu ish or deffrentiate between WATER AND BLOOD WHICH IS THICK.GOD HELP OUR LEADER AND PEOPLE OF MOTHER GHANN.


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we deserve it(ye fa ta
derrick andoh
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