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The Presidential Circus


2009-05-25 11:42:30
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Nana Ansah, you might call the statistics bogus because it does not favor your argument and a fact is a fact.

I have lived outside Ghana the past twenty five years but I average going home every two years. I went home at least six times during Rawlings 19 years rule and the problems that were there could not be compared of today.

The fact that you don't like NPP is not going to change their achievement in managing the economy. Ghana did not achieve the good name it has now during your favorite Rawlings and NDC rule, you cannot blind eny objective observant about the numerous achievement of NPP, you can't.

Lets talk about your so called drug charges. It was during P/NDC rule that Ghanaian Youth were standing on corners in our cities smoking crack cocaine. It was during their rule that Benjillo was the biggest drug lord in Africa junketing around the world with impunity.

It was during this time that NDC own Ministers were saying Ghana is the number one drug country in Africa so how could the NPP heralded the drug trade? You sound like a hateful person when you want the world to believe NPP did not achieve anything.

NPP was not perfect, and did somethings wrong and that should be expected in every administration unless you are in NDC or CPP who still continue to argue that their Parties and their autocratic leaders, Rawlings and Nkrumah were Saints.

You were talking about your secondary school days where electricity were available 24/7. The problem with that is that, in 1960's when you were in secondary school, few cities in Ghana has electricity and the demand was not great as it is now where electricity is almost at every village in Ghana.

Did the NPP cause this problem? If you really want to criticise the government for not planning well, then why only NPP and not P/NDC that ruled for 19 years and made a mess of the country?

Tell forumers what the Rawlings NDC did that the Kuffour NPP destroy. NPP improved on every facet of our life from what they inherited from NDC and you are free to come back and prove me wrong.

How can you talk about Valco and rice farms as if Kuffour was to blame. Your favorite NPP sold more than three hundred factories Nkrumah built including Banks and Obuasi goldmines.

Even NPP bought Valco shares that NDC has sold to foreigners back for Ghana and they criticised NPP for that because they said VALCO consume about 25% of our electricity, NANA ANSAH, get your facts straight.

Now lets talk about abandoned rice farms. The rot started when Atta Mills led economic council gave a welfare Queen from Atlanta USA 20 million dollars to manage our rice paddies, a woman who couldn't tell corn leaf from a cassava leaf and absconded with that money leaving our rice farms the needed equipments and fertilizers.

If you really care about Ghana, you would be criticising both NPP and NDC and not NPP while praising Rawlings who presided in selling of Ghanaian companies away and sometimes gave it away as gifts to his TOGOLESE cousin GILCHRIST OLYMPIO who took ABOASO GLASS FACTORY as a personal property. Is Ghana Rawlings personal property to give our factories away?

You are talking about dusty roads at our plush areas as if it were tarred during NDC rule and Kuffour and his band untarred them.

___RAWLINGS AND NDC SOLD OUR INHERITANCE AWAY._____________________________
Press Review of Tuesday, 23 December 1997

Divestiture fetches 134 billion cedis

Total divestiture proceeds accruing from the sale of more than 100 state-owned enterprises (SOEs) stood at 134,212,579,819 as at December 1996. The amount excludes proceeds from the divestiture of the Ashanti Goldfields Company, the Ghana Commercial Bank, Social Security Bank and Ghana Telecom. Mr Emmanuel Agbodo, Executive Secretary of the Divestiture Implementation Committee (DIC) who disclosed this at the weekend, said 67,526,113,000 cedis of the total proceeds has been paid leaving a balance of 66,686,468,000 with the investors.

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