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The Presidential Circus

Comment: RE: “Ofuntuo" Paa !

Yaw Owusu(**)
2009-05-25 08:19:37
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The Presidential Circus

This is brand new gaffe, I've not heard this one. I could never get my grandmother who never went to school but worked tilessly for us to receive education to say something like that. And “ecomini” , I have to google this one and guess who came up, Oguaa Kofi and his gaffe ringtone $19. This is what you get when people refuse to talk the issues but instead preach hate in an election. This is what you get when you win power and you turn your back on those who help you get there. And in this sort of strange circumstances everyone loses, and Ghana takes a step back. But I must admit it's better than Burundi, or Darfur !.

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RE: “Ofuntuo" Paa !
Yaw Owusu(**)
05-25 08:19