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The Presidential Circus

Comment: National interest,,bro

Nii Tetteh Afum Okanfra
2009-05-25 04:20:22
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The Presidential Circus

Please before you come out with all this bullshit,educate yourself on global affairs.No one climbs a ladder from the middle and no builder starts from roofing so my piece to you is RELAX.The foundation for our development has just started,and everyone Ghanaian will climb that developmental ladder into the 21century.It is only the empty barrels that makes noise.Once all the structures are in place,no Ghanaian will go begging because there will be equal opportunity and the youth will gain the skills needed for this century.It is about time you put the negatives into the bin and and don your positives for the national interest.It is rather unfortunate that,we have learned men and women in the country but the mojority are selfish,arrogant,tribalist and uncompromising.They never sought opinion because they are too clever for that and never give honest opinion.They hate to see others progress,that is pure evil.

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richard duncan
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National interest,,bro
Nii Tetteh Afum Okanfra
05-25 04:20