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The Presidential Circus

Comment: Disrespectful boy

A. P. Gyimah
2009-05-25 04:14:08
Comment to:

What did K4's regime do to you? I am not his crony but I tell you what, you were even able to live through the boy's 19 years' of tyrannical rule, okay? And leave my beautiful Afua who is going to join me here alone. Disrespectful boy.

If Afua becomes angry due to your disrespectful behaviour and refuses to come to me, you will have to run to Sogakope and bring your beautiful sister to substitute immediately before my Rawlings slaughter you. And that must not take you more than a work after Afua has detested me for your sister to arrive.

You cannot be insulting black women on this forum. Is not right.

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richard duncan
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Disrespectful boy
A. P. Gyimah
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