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Kwabena Agyapong and the VW Phaeton

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2009-03-10 17:41:03
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Dans B you got it all wrong. The authors never said Kwabena Agyapong cannot afford the car. After all he is just another typical African politician. What the authors said was that the car has been returned b'cos apparently it belonged to the govt. The authors are marvelling why and how a mere presidential Spokeperson in a "HIPIC", poor African country was allocated such a car instead of a modest and less expensive car. Most African politicians simply have no principles. They do not care a hoot how many pregnant women die in a day as long as they can loot the national coffers and be drunk in their extravagance, Although NPP have shocked all well- meaning Ghanaians about the extent of their corruption and thievery, NDC are no better. By the way why was Kwabena Agyapong allocated a car? He was not a govt appointee at the time the NDC came to power.

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