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Kwabena Agyapong and the VW Phaeton


Jones, London
2009-03-10 11:25:35
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I am sorry you missed the point of the article. Perhaps, that is why you describe it as useless and stupid. What the writer meant was that a poor country like Ghana, cannot, and should not provide a car as costly as the VW in question to a low-ranked member of the president's staff. To most of us, this makes sense. The money, thousands of pounds could have been spent on the more important things.

Even if it is accepted that this person needs a car, a significantly cheaper one could have been provided. Most reasonable people will agree that this is a fundamental principle - to cut one's coat according to one's cloth. The wisdom inherent in this principle applies to individuals as well as states. It applies to whoever is in power in Ghana at any time. It makes sense, as the English say, to look after the pennies, while the pounds look after themselves.

The problem with so many of readers and contributers on Ghanaweb is that everything is seen in party political terms. Hence, they can not look at anything objectively. This is rather sad. Why? It stifles progressive discussion of important issues. Consequently, those like this writer, not affiliated to any of the political parties are rather muzzled. One is not encouraged to critically scrutinise any policy or government action, for fear of being condemned. Sometimes it is so obvious that people have noy bothered to actually read articles they are commenting on.

No Kwasi, the article was useful. Look at the discussion it has generated. Of course, I agree some are just insults and nothing else. It is also not stupid, as it makes sense.

However, is it not a privilege to be able to exercise your freedom of speech freely without intimidation or insults?

Bye-bye for now, Kwasi (my namesake).

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Jones, London
03-10 11:25