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Kwabena Agyapong and the VW Phaeton

Comment: Re: VerY disappointed with "Drs"

2009-03-10 05:47:21
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VerY disappointed with "Drs"

My brother, You may decide to rate this article as trash but the fact still remains that until the so called 'elite' in the society starts sharing the national cake in such a way that the less privileged, ie the people in our Zongos, Tshokor, the deprived northern villages and the slums that abound, get an equitable share, people with conscience will never stop writing such articles. If you live abroad and every now and then you come to Ghana through the airport and end up at East Legon or Trasacco Valley Estates, you are apt to conclude that all is so well.Yes indeed, people are battling with guinea worms and people are drinking dirty water IN GHANA so if a President travels and decides to put up in the world's MOST EXPENSIVE HOTEL(S), for God's sake, people should speak up against that and let others call it thrash!!!

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Re: VerY disappointed with "Drs"
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