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Deconstructing John Evans Atta-Mills

Comment: Akuffo Adoo

2008-11-07 09:57:15
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Rawlings For Nana!

I personally spoke with the NPP candidate before he announced his intentions to run, and he had one really important policy on education. He wants the educational system to be remodeled so it is centered around our rich history, languages, problems, and development. His plan for education, he told me is his no.1 priority, will be great for our nation. On the other hand, I personally think he is a pompous, arrogant SOB, yet very charismatic. He is one those old school politicians who think their actions and intentions is transparent to the observer. The west will read through him like a book. BTW, if the writer of this article is a journalist, then he needs to check his grammar. He should leave the mistakes for us, pseudo-journalist

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Akuffo Adoo
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