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Deconstructing John Evans Atta-Mills

Comment: Re: Taboo (wood) Mills

Akroboto Kweku Sam
2008-11-07 06:28:29
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Taboo (wood) Mills

Akadu, I think you are dead right, Atta-Mills or Atadwe Milk as some people refer him ' Oye aponkye paa, opuro' and I am beginning to believe what my suspicion has been all these years that he has signed a death pact with the rawlingses that if he dared leave the party or in any manner defected, his fate would be worse than poor old Nkensen Arkaah' Atta-Mills' countenance clearly portrays a person living in perpetual fear. Maybe members of his family should arrange to smuggle him out of the country to a place where he will not only have a deserved rest but could also have the opportunity to put his academic laurels into good and profitable use.

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11-07 00:17
Re: Taboo (wood) Mills
Akroboto Kweku Sam
11-07 06:28
Debrah Kofi
11-07 18:41