Feature Article of Saturday, 4 October 2008

Columnist: Biakoye, Nana

“Dead” Mills Is Alive

The news is out that Kufuor’s Finance Minister, Kwadwo Baah Wiredu, has died.

According to the news, Baah Wiredu died in a hospital in South Africa.

For me Nana Biakoye, I am certainly not gloating in the death of Baah Wiredu.

Indeed, I extend my condolences to the bereaved family.

But the death of Baah Wiredu is very telling to the extent that the NPP has, for almost two years, been hanging sickness and death around the neck of Professor Mills.

Indeed, the death wish for Professor Mills by the NPP, reached an apogee when Gina Blay’s Daily Guide published a blatant falsehood to the effect that Professor Mills fell into a coma, was rushed to South Africa and died.

So much was the glee of the NPP that senior party members joined the illiterate serial callers and media hirelings, to make a meal out of the supposed death of Professor Mills.

Professor Mills spoke from his “grave” in South Africa and shamed Gina Blay and her rag-of-a-paper for the evil and devilish wish.

Thinking that the shaming of the Daily Guide would have put an end to the evil desires of the NPP and its media hirelings, that did not happen.

Day in day out, the NPP and its media hirelings, still churn out rubbish about the health of Professor Mills.

The Daily Searchlight, The Gye Nyame Concord, The Vanguard, Statesman, Punch and other such papers, have been supporting the Daily Guide to churn out such rubbish.

Indeed, a few days ago, the Gye Nyame Concord published a blatant lie to the effect that the NDC has flown into Ghana, a specialist physician from Germany to “pep up Mills till Dec” as a way of resuscitating the issue of the supposed ill-health of Professor Mills.

Unable to defend his baseless story, Alfred Ogbamey sought audience with Professor Mills and apologized unreservedly for putting out an absolute lie and before night could fall, the news broke out that Baah Wiredu passed away in South Africa.

The NPP has been wishing Professor Mills dead and now it is the NPP people who are dying.

Did Baah Wiredu look sick? No.

Did anybody think Baah Wiredu would die? No.

Do we know who will die next? No.

So what is the sense in the evil and devilish modus operandi of the NPP?

Professor Mills is supposed to have been dead two years ago but he is alive and kicking and focusing on his Better Ghana agenda.

The people who are supposed to be made of steel and will live forever, are dying.

Indeed, we have very credible information that has it that Akufo-Addo has collapsed four times already on his campaign tours.

Professor Mills has been campaigning for almost two years and he has not collapsed once.

We are not wishing anybody dead, but at the rate at which the NPP and its media acolytes are wishing Professor Mills dead, they should just be careful they don’t leave this earth before the elections.

Just today, Baby Ansabah’s Punch put out another big fat lie to the effect that Professor Mills, touring Dome last week, almost fell.

Besides, do people not trip and fall? Does that mean that they are sick?

What Baby Ansabah does not know, is that, some of us know that he has very serious liver problem as a result of his excessive boozing habit.

Yes, Baby Ansabah has a very serious liver problem.

Take a close look at the face of Baby Ansabah and you will notice that his face is swollen as a result of his liver problem.

Is it not sad that a sick person like Baby Ansbah, is being paid to wish Professor Mills dead?

During the 1979 elections, the UP people (the tradition of the NPP), composed a song; “Osu cemetery, Paa Willie aa ne kor”, wishing Paa Willie dead just like they are wishing Professor Mills dead.

At the end of the day, all the people who wished Paa Willie dead, died before Paa Willie.

In Nigeria, there was a time when some politicians wished Nnamdi Azikiwe dead.

The people who wished Azikiwe dead, died before Azikiwe.

As mentioned earlier, we do not wish anybody dead but the NPP and its media acolytes like, Gina Blay, Ken Kuranchie, Alfred Ogbamey, Baby Ansabah etc, should just have it at the back of their minds that the wrath of God can reach them at any time.

May the soul of Baah Wiredu rest in peace.

Nana Biakoye (nanabiakoye2@yahoo.com)