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Opinions of Friday, 13 June 2008

Columnist: Dedey, Kosi

CPP Salutes "True Big Six"

...on 59th anniversary of the Convention People’s Party

As we commemorate the 59th anniversary of the formation of the Convention People’s Party, Leadership of the Party wishes to salute all persons alive who were actively involved with the formation of the Party. Leadership also wishes to single out all those who have remained true to the cause of the party through the years and continue to offer advice and support in many ways.

Party leadership also wishes to acknowledge efforts of all persons and groups whose efforts contributed to the restoration of the name Convention People’s Party – CPP. The current Leadership on behalf of members also congratulates and acknowledges the work of past Leaderships for all their efforts at holding the party together. CPP is grateful to them all.

That the CPP will always have a place in the history of Ghana is undeniable, but whether the CPP will be relevant in shaping the political, social and economic direction of the future is the challenge that confronts us today. The Party today has renewed energy and zeal and must rise to the challenge to taking advantage of the goodwill currently shown by the larger Ghanaian society. We believe the CPP is up to this onerous task.

Core to this, is commitment and discipline. As we commemorate the 59th anniversary, Leadership urges all members to do a soul search and ask what their commitments to the Party are, and how we can continue to address the matter for the overall unity and discipline within the Party.

The CPP Leadership is re-committing itself to lead by example and to maintain discipline within National Elected Leadership, the Central Committee and all other organs and will strenuously enforce discipline within the rank and file. It is our sincere hope that all of us as Party members with a unity of purpose will rededicate ourselves to CPP so that we can together build a stronger and relevant political Party to enable the people of Ghana have the credible choice they deserve.

Finally the Leadership of the Convention People’s Party wishes all its members well, and calls upon all Ghanaians to join the Convention People’s Party as it celebrates the 59th anniversary of its birth. We also urge all Ghanaians to remember the sacrifices made by those who fought tirelessly to liberate this country from the clutches of colonial rule. Special recognition is hereby given to the “True Big Six” (Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Krobo Edusei, Komla Agbeli Gbedema, Archie Casely Hayford, Kojo Botsio and Nathaniel Azarco Welbeck) who stood together on the podium at the Polo Grounds on March 6th 1957 at the hour of declaration of independence.

May the souls of all our departed forebears who shed their blood in the struggle for independence rest in peace. May we as members of the CPP live up to the true creed of the Party by closing ranks and ensuring that all our thoughts are guided by Nkrumaist philosophy, and our actions guided by principles passed on from our forebears.



Kosi Dedey

Chairman, Publicity Committee - CPP