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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

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2008-05-11 10:58:53
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Energy the Idiot

Bastard slave Child (I mean that in the real sense by the way) where exactly did he prove me wrong? Maybe you need to follow exactly what I have written elsewhere.

By the way what are you doing here hiding from siL. Why don't you show your ugly face and try to talk to them about your stupid website

Since my advent on GhanaWeb two years ago one thing gives me a great deal of satisfaction. The satisfaction that through unbridled insults from yours truly against people like you, the Ghanaians on this site copied my example and did away with Political correctness and direct their spleen on you. I love the insults they hurl at you daily.

I am tickled to bits when I see the level of insults Ghanaians throw at you and your side-kcks everyday on this site. I am happy to see my fellow Africans disrespect and treat you like the slime-ball that you are.

I guess you hate my guts that my presence brought the wind of change huh? GOOD! I am very happy..

Now if that is childish behavior, trust me,I love the damage I have done to you and your your ilk

Nuff DISrespect

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