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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

Comment: My friend you gaffed OK

2008-05-10 01:56:48
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Gbl? nyateƒea na mia?

Look here Kofi Amenyo or whatever your name is. I suggest you read through the responses and see how many genuine Ewes have written anything to support your drivel. You'd find there is hardly any, so ask yourself why?

There are inaccuracies in your write-up and that is obvious to any Ewe. You make it sound like it was Nkrumah who made Ewes part of Ghana. What utter nonsense. For your information, a large part of the Volta Region was and has always part of the Gold Coast and never under German domination or what you call Trans Volta Togoland. Were you aware of this FACT when you lumped all Ewes in your TVT?

Also cut the crap about a minority living in Togo struggling to learn French. Were you born stupid? How can they be a minority if they live with their own huh? Also how do they struggle with French if that language is what they learned in school and use as the lingua franca? Are you telling us you were born with English on your tongue or the Ewes in Togo were born speaking French from the womb? You annoying little brat those statements make you suspect to most of us but we would give you the benefit of the doubt that there are Judases like you in any community.

That in a nutshell, I believe is where KOLA is coming from.

NUFF said you little bastard

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My friend you gaffed OK
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