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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

Comment: Where do you come from??

Dziko Kwame
2008-05-09 12:16:13
Comment to:

My name is Dziko-Kwame and I come from Tanyigbe in the Ho District of the Volta Region.

I have seen your piece rather too late and therefore cannot give you the proper condemnation of your one-sided article.

I have written on this before but only as a rejoinder when Bishop Lodonu mentioned this.

Mr Amenyo, you have been misled.

You will read from me sometime in June considering my present movements.

But I trust Mr Enos Adiko-Mensah, formerly of Mawuli School and Former MP for Hohoe Korsi Kedem would be told of your article so that they could take the lead in rightly educating you on this "Adika-nya" that you simply spilt out here.

It's surprising how you may have copied loose articles and described German-occupation as this and that!!!

Aaah! My Grandfather died in April 1978 but till then he would never give up on the usefulness of German....and my late father Dziko Abro would only praise the Brits for teaching them how to "Swerve and cheat using the pen...". (Adidriworwor)

Talk to you at the right time.

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Where do you come from??
Dziko Kwame
05-09 12:16
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