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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana


2008-05-09 12:05:55
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I hope you all give a careful thought to what follows below irrespesctive of your hate for me.

The Ewe's and the northners must separate from the rest of Ghana, the time is now.

Looking at all the major political parties in Ghana, its easy to see all of them been lead by a Sudanese looking ugly Akan whiles all the vices are from the north.

Why must it be so?

It is so because the low IQ ugly AKANS from Sudan tend to be the majority in the land of good looking people forced together by the European.

A land dominated by low IG AKAN animals is bound to fail in a terrible way. The sooner we separate and mentain the paece, the better for us all b/4 we descend into the hell of Burundi/Rwanda.

Just us Akanland says, the so called nations of Africa were formed on very weak foundations that are simply bound to fail and we all need to realize it now.

The Kenyan debacle has not been anything new, its been popping its ugly head for long and ignored by the Kenyan elites.

As we debate our own fate, the Somali peole been carved into Ethiopia are currently battling the gov't for autonomy or unification with Somalia, so is the English people in Cameroon who were carved from Nigeria and forced to live with French speaking majority Cameroon. The same lead to the biafran war in Nigeria. The same was the cause of war and tribalism in the Ivory Coast.

This same byforced nations placed the Hutus and the Tutsis into five countries namely, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. We were all witnesses to the mess in that region.

We have to separate and reform our nation just like the Europeans, Germany for Germans, Britain for the English, France for the French and we will have peace.

I am the reincarnated Saddam Hussein

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