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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

Comment: Biggest Mistake in Ghana

Kojo Asempim
2008-05-09 11:55:41
Comment to:

Without doubt you are one of those Ghanaians who has no reason to call himself a Ghanaian. What ever your personal sentiments are about people from the Volta Region it would be nice if you kept them to yourself.

The thing is however you feel, the Volta Region is now an integral part of Ghana and if you were someone who could see a little beyond your god-forsaken self, you'd know that Ghana is what it is today only because the patriotic people of the Volta Region have always worked to keep the country united and because they are not as easily swayed by empty promises they have always stood firm for the interest of Ghana.

Look around you, talk to other people, find out and you will know that the Volta Region has consistently produced a disproportionate share of Ghana's national wealth in terms of the contributions of its people to the human resource base of Ghana.

Of course for an ignoramus like yourself, that wouldn't matter. Keep you bloody ignorance to yourself and do your best to comment only on things you know a great deal about.

An inquisitive mind will serve you well and I suspect a good education will also help you make intelligent analyses so you don't end up disgracing yourself and those who have helped raise you in such a ridiculous way.

Making such spurious, ill-informed comments only serve to expose you to ridicule because it is not all of us who are as uneducated as you and we will not keep quite for you to scandalize us as Ghanaians.

The tribally divided Ghana you used to know is no longer the case. People are interm-marrying all over the place and if you go back into history you find that all the tribal units in Ghana have some commonalities. This should let you know that Ghana has eveolve and it is no longer about tribes. It is about the country Ghana. For all you commenters, if you cannott think those terms please refrain from putting out losy comments which serve no purpose.

Long live Ghana!

By the way, for your information the history of the Volta Region is far more exhaustive than has been presented in the Kofi Amenyo's article. If you ask me, the article sounds mischievious and ill-researched but I will excuse it simply because it is not written as an itellectual piece but as newspaper piece. You have to know the purpose of the article to comment effectively on it.

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Biggest Mistake in Ghana
Kojo Asempim
05-09 11:55
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