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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

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2008-05-09 11:26:16
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John, it very clear from your piece who is actually uncivilised. This is not the way a civilised person communicates and you sound like you are well educated which makes it even more disturbing. I think what needs to happen is the civilised, the educated(formal and informal), the well-informed, and those blessed with wisdom to come
together to educate those who have been fueling hatred true tribalism and to let them understand the magnitude of the harm they are causing not just to some tribes but to Ghana as a whole. And I think you have a role to play. A brother to four prostitutes, a partner and co-Director of a company in Ghana I can tell you that our office manager in Kumasi is an Ewe, the office manager in Takoradi is an Ewe and in Accra about 35 percent of the workforce are Ewes and I think they are very effective, that is how good it gets. Lets us calm down and learn how to put up propper constructive debate without insulting or offending each other for we are not doing ourself any good by getting angry over issues like this because they will never go away which then means that one will forever be angry and we all know the outcome of being angry constantly.

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