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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

Comment: Thanx for your input

Kofi Amenyo
2008-05-09 10:31:18
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Trans Volta Togoland

Thanks a lot, Kodzo-Grey, for your imput. Just the kind of reaction I was hoping for but, unfortunately, some people are saying other things.

1. The votes were certainly disputed as those who lost told us. Much of the dispute was in the Buem/Krachi area - where my grandparents had migrated to before I was born. What the true votes were we cannot know today. I don't think my account said the votes were very fair - why would there then be protests?

2. German schools: the info about the lack of schools I picked from an article marking our country's Golden Jubilee last year on the site of the German embassy in Accra. (As you see I couldn't credit everything). The schools that were built at that time were by German missionaries, not the German colonial administration and BLA COLLEGE was a missionary effort. Much of the education they had was by missionary effort (as indeed in the British colony also, one can say). My intention is not to show that the Germans cannot be credited with anything. My grandfather, who was baptised by German missionaries and given the name Ferdinant, had only good things to say about the Germans. I grew up to wonder if, for him, it was not just the romance of a past that was no more...

3. School fees: No, I didn't pay tuition fees (I added that qualifier in the revised version). My parents paid fees for other things and my father must have paid some fees in his school in the 30s.

THE SOLUTION. Your reasoning there is great and I cannot say anything about that. I agree with you fully there.

Thanks again for the contribution. You are someone who certainly knows something about these times and heard a lot. Please, share more with us...

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Thanx for your input
Kofi Amenyo
05-09 10:31
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