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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

Comment: Trans Volta Togoland

A Kodzo-Grey
2008-05-09 09:19:34
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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the uni

The author is obviously not a historian. The results of the plebiscite votes that were declared were disputed by the the group that did not want to join the gold coast. It was alleged that the people of the North and the Buems also voted not to join the gold coast. The belief of this group was that the votes were rigged but there was no easy way of getting a recount with the prsence of independent observers.
If another referendum was promised to be held 50 years after the initial plebiscite then it would only be fair that the people should be given the chance to re-affirm the prevoius choice or change their minds.
It is a shame to discredit the Germans with regard to the provision of schools. The Germans educated a large number of scholars from the Trans Volta Togoland and the French Togo. The only reason why the author would not realise this is that at the time he was born education was in English and no longer in Germam. I would assume that the author would remember that when he was a little child there were a large number of retired teachers and scholars who spoke German but the number dwindled with the passage of time.
By the first World war my father had his diploma from a German institute in Lome. My fathers younger brother also had his diploma from the German institute. Our parents taught in German and Ewe during their days until they retired. By the time I was born my father was old and had retired and he then learnt English and French after having adopted German as his official language. I met a large number of well educated german trained people (hundreds of them but I have forgotten the names)
Some of these may include Mr Ametowobla, Mr Ayeke, Dr Amato, Mr Atiogbe, Mr G K Tsekpo (editor of a news paper entitled Mia Denyigba - Our Motherland), Mr Dzame of Kpando, Mr Lodonu, Mr christian Venyo, Mr Gregory Venyo, Dr Amato, Father Anthony Agbetiafa and a large number of other educated people.
BLA COLLEGE (now called St Francis Training College) was established during the time of the Germans. I was informed my father taught the late Rev Father Dogli, the first west African catholic priest in German and Ewe when the priest was a student.
The Germans were known for their discipline. It was reported that the black priests were treated differently from the white german priests in that Father Dogli and other few black priests had to wait for their colleagues to finish eating before they had the chance to eat. (This was only reported to me by a late cousin of mine. I was not born then)
School Fees: I do not know which school the author attended but certainly a number of us paid school fees in secondary school during the post independence Nkrumah regime and after that.
We cannot survive as small countries in this modern world. Take the example of the European Union where most of the countries have adopted one currency (the Euro). Togo is a tiny country and cannot compete with the rest of the world. Ghana cannot compete with the rest of the world. Nigeria which has a quarter of Adricas population cannot compete with the rest of the world. There are villages in the volta Region, one half is in Ghana and one half in Togo. Perhaps the best way forward is to learn from the European Union and adopt policies of cooperation and intergration/unification. Lets us have unity in West Africa and Africa as a whole. If we think of ourselves as West Africans or Africans as a whole and work towards cooperation and love one another we would promote peace and unity in this world. If Ghana is seen as a subset of united West Africa (ECOWAS) and Togo is seen as a subset of united West Africa (ECOWAS) with free trade and cooperation then it does not matter whether or not Trans Volta Togoland is part of Ghana or Togo: they are all part of Ecowas

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Trans Volta Togoland
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