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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

Comment: RE: Why are you in Bahamas then

Bonsu Amsterdam
2008-05-09 06:32:09
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If you really believe in your Akan thing you're talking about then why not live and work on your Akanland? Please those in Ghana need peace, so enjoy your Bahama and leave our people alone. Akanland was built on hospitality, there's an old Fontonfrom sound "Mmoa no aforo Bo, Akyekyere foro bo woate ahwe, firi aman, yen nyina firi aman". Translating this into eglish will simply means that the Akans understand in diversity. Especially within the Ashanti tradition discriminatory remarks were sometimes receiving capital punishments. Even some servants after pardoned were allowed to become chiefs "Se akoa kye wo ofie a odi ade". Meaning servant could sometimes become heads.

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RE: Why are you in Bahamas then
Bonsu Amsterdam
05-09 06:32
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