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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

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2008-05-09 05:43:19
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Nkrumaian Insight

You clearly need more history lesson and this time more on economic and development. How can you say Nkrumah sacrificed for us. Nkrumah inhereted a debt free ghana. and not just that but had more reserve left for him to start the business of ghana. He instead decided to go and chase dreams using and wasting our money. Nkrumah is know over Africa as good leader because he had an agender to fight and united Africa and embacked on that by using our resouces, eg, bring people from Gambia and all over Africa to study for free in GAHANA, USING OUR MONEY TO HELP OTHER COUNTRY.

He is the down fall of Ghana.

As for Rawlings, I won't even start. If you are old and honest person then you may argue but in heart you know what that scotish did.

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