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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

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2008-05-09 03:38:19
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Trans Volta

Dear,I&I, without Volta, Ghana would have been a country FULL of illiterates Ashantis whose main interest would have been cheating and robbing the nation.Behaving in uncivilised manner both home and abroad.Short cut to make money would have been their main preoccupation.Dog-chain,Cocain and drug would have been their main trade. Ghanaian economy would have been worst than that of the present Togo, Benin, Seria Leone, Liberia and others if you care to know. With the emergence of JJ, the separated TVT would have been a little Isreael along the coast of west africa.And all your illiterates prostitudes good for nothing women would have got a booming trade with the new TVT.Fuckin! don't let me vent my anger on you this morning.You Illiterate! Do you understand the elements that constutide a country's economic development, before making such an irresponsible statement? Idiot!

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