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Economic woes due to government policies – Ghana Economic Dialogue

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2021-05-17 11:12:59
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Economic woes due to government policies – Ghana

Let's be honest to ourselves. Bawumia has never employed anybody in his private life. His claims of being a very competent person is in doubt. It's only incompetent people who blame others. A bad worker also blaming his working tools. Expressing economic theories from books is another. We voted for these people to fix the economic problems. They claimed to be the best brains since sliced bread. We have found out that they are the worst gangsters. They are the number enemies of Ghana. Polluting Our rivers, massive deforestation of our lands. The most useless, wicked,evil,and hopeless member of our government is our over ambitious Minister of Agriculture who has encouraged and introduced the use of weed killing chemicals to The farms. Cocoa farmers are using weed killing chemical agents to clear weeds thus poisoning our crops,food,snails,mushrooms etc. and then start selling fertilisers to The farmers. What kind of mentality is this? A man of his education should know better. May be his ambition to become the next President has clouded his thinking. Well, I am afraid he is a Big Joke!

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Re: Economic woes due to government policies – Gha
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