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It is time the competent president removes the EC Chair and her deputies

Comment: you are joking

ERIC in London
2021-01-02 10:24:22
Comment to:
It is time the competent president removes the EC

Iam sorry that this is from a PHD holder. You are a disgrace to this prestige title. You wrote this article because you are an NDC supporter who doesn't understand the Ghanaian electoral process so you are following the lies of the top brass of the NDC. As a PHD holder you have to speak with facts but not follow the political "yooowos" to the streets. Ghana needs top brains to move forward not those who talk because of their political interest.
why do you want EC chair and deputies to be remove? A mistake was made but it was corrected, so what's your problem? Its time we understand the process and stop always thinking that the EC can favors one party against the other. Its time PHD Holders like you educate the less privileged but not follow them to the street.
Ghana needs peace.

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01-02 08:00
you are joking
ERIC in London
01-02 10:24