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It is time the competent president removes the EC Chair and her deputies

Comment: Jean skipped Maths classes too often

2021-01-02 08:00:17
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It is time the competent president removes the EC

I could not disagree with this writer any less! The problem with Jean is that she may have skipped Mathematics classes all too often! An EC chair person - as well as her the top brass at the commission - must all be mathematics savvy. They must be individuals who live, play and dream Mathematics each moment of their existence. They should be people who can spot the difference between reciprocal of 1 and the square of 1. Jean is nowhere near such competence. In most countries, EC chairs have been selected from top Mathematics professors and statisticians. Nana Addo was crippled by circumstances to choose a lady to take over from another lady commissioner, so he went in for the closest match he hoped the nation would accept without studying her background. Unfortunately, Jane's deputies did little to cover up her deficiency in recognizing numbers.
Nana Addo should take immediate steps to correct this anomaly at his earliest opportunity!

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01-02 08:00
Jean skipped Maths classes too often
01-02 08:00