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Peace Equals Development


Leo R. Sam
2006-08-11 11:10:23
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Peace Equals Development

Congratulations Paul for this wonderful and thoughtful article. Ghanaweb is an excellent medium for exchanging and promoting constructive ideas.

Unfortunately some contributors misuse this opportunity to insult others. Profanity of the highest order ( PROBABLY OF THE LOWEST ORDER ) is quite often used . Obviously many of these UNDESIRABLE contributors are COWARDS as they refuse to use their real names. They hide behind Pseudonyms to practise their dishonorable trade.

All reasonable readers and writers should learn to IGNORE those who abuse the privilege and opportunity offered by Ghanaweb to discuss our national affairs in a civilized atmosphere.

We need PEACE, DEVELOPMENT and JUSTICE in our beloved country to make any significant progress.

Once more CONGRATULATIONS Paul !!! . We need more articles of this calibre on Ghanaweb.

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08-11 02:34
Leo R. Sam
08-11 11:10