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The Soccer Dreams of Three Generations (III)

Comment: Do you want to Know?

M C, K'Bu,Accra
2006-07-05 11:21:43
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Re: And what happened to them?

Do you want to know? I will tell you. Africa do not mattter at all when it comes to the world cup and other global matters. Ghana was not given a dog chance to survive the group and if you were in England did you hear the sacarstic comments their commentators passed on our famous Black Stars. What chance did they give us? Many people tipped England to win the cup becuase they believe that the present squad is an all round team. England has won it before and it was in the 60s so they relish another one as Germany and Italy their rivals had 3 in the armpits. So you see it is either an european team winning or for luck sake South American. Did you also hear of the conspiracy theory that the Europeans vowed that no South American Team will win the cup on European soil again after Brazil won it? and they made sure about it this time Look at what happened to Argentina against Germany? Hmmnnn Asem beba dabi.....
Stastically Brazil will give more money to FIFA than Ghana and for that matter any Africa country so how do they matter. Realistically to qualify from a "poor country" to the 1/16 stage is a big achievement since you have all the forces from Europe against it EUFA, FIFA(HQRS in Europe)Hmmmnnnn. Did you see or hear what Equador did to their national team when they arrived. They were given state ride and honours just like Ghana. So what is your beef now? Equador went out after the 1/16 just like Ghana.... so let the party flow that we have triumphed over all the heavy weights. Remember Ghana's name has now been widely exposed by the boys' performance and in money terms this can not be quantified and we are bound to reap great didvidends if we know how to play our cards well at home and not resort to political insults and PULL HIM DOWN syndrome we are noted to do best like craps in a bucket. Instead of taking advantage we will engage on whose fault and how bad we are and not see the business side. Did you have any idea how many people have started making equiries about Ghana when we beat Czech and USA and the manner we outclassed Brazil though they won,This have added more enquieies..... Can we take advantage or let it pass by.. We need constructive sugeestions and criticisms now

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07-02 08:39
Do you want to Know?
M C, K'Bu,Accra
07-05 11:21