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The church and our society: The church must arise

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2020-08-31 10:46:38
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Nonsense! Religion is the root of all evil on earth. You guys should go back in history and check the atrocities done by religion: Slavery, which your bible/Quoran condones; Ethnic cleansing, brainwashing, The Inquisition, The great Persecution, The Aztec human sacrifice, Islamic jihads, Christian crusades, just to name a few. Moral decadence will continue to worsen because what religion does is putting fear and lies into people's psyche. Philosophy is the only discipline that could shape a person's morale, especially when it is inculcated in a persons right from birth till death. Religion stole most of their "good" teachings from Philosophy anyway. People are now realizing the foolery and deceptions in religion, hence the moral decadence in the community. Why? Because people lack Philosophical guidance after their eyes open on the buffoonery of religion and cause their lives to be led astray.

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