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Kwamena Ahwoi’s ‘Working With Rawlings’ – Amidu’s Critique II

Comment: Amidu: A Crook, A Liar, and Hypocrite

2020-08-26 04:32:30
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Stop the critique and do your job

Amidu is a crook, a liar, and a hypocrite. Amidu was the man who charged and prosecuted famous journalists Tommy Thompson, Eben Quarcoo, Kofi Koomson and others on a fictitious charge of criminal libel during Rawlings' NDC reign. These indefatigable journalists reported on ongoing corruption within the P/NDC. Amidu is now masquerading as an intellectual and a level headed statesman. He is bragging about his bachelor's degree and law degree from a third world country called Ghana.

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08-25 07:50
Amidu: A Crook, A Liar, and Hypocrite
08-26 04:32