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Kwamena Ahwoi’s ‘Working With Rawlings’ – Amidu’s Critique II

Comment: You are crazy

2020-08-26 01:01:50
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Amidu paa

Your critique of Amidu’s write-up is infantile to say the least. Amidu used effective exposition to put forward his criticisms. He stated facts, corroborated them, named names, stated dates, cited events, and then some. Give me one single fact stated by Amidu that is not correct. Yes he is right! The gist of Awhoi’s spurious claims present him as the very architect of NDC achievement. The man is full of himself and his intellectual standing has now been called into question. Everybody is waiting for Ahwoi to bring forward a rebuttal to what Amidu has written. That Fante man is a shame unto his own conscience.

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08-25 07:50
You are crazy
08-26 01:01